Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I hate this blog. It is giving me such grief for some reason!I cannot change the email address either. I would have to start all over!It is same passwords and email…. I could not enter any cut and paste. I put it on hold and worked on the contracts…I was afraid I was going to throw my laptop out the window.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Announcement - This Blog is Kaput!

This is the last post on 3 Parrots Island, I am blog moving once again.

The Man and I have started a project and you're all welcome to visit our new internet home:

The cons: some of the entries to be posted over there might be regurgitated entries that you've already read here.

The pros: you'll finally learn my real name.

It's Nicci.

And the Man? is Scott.

Nice to meet ya'll :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Weekly wrap-up


Her last day was a Saturday, and I really wanted it to be a beach day, so she, myself and T (the Man had toe surgery the previous day and was not allowed near sand) all went to Secret Harbour on the East end of the island for lunch, and some napping in the sun. We were tired (hungover) from T's bday dinner and drinking the night before, and a day on the beach would hit the spot.

Here's a shot of T and myself waiting for lunch. If we look tired and drained it's because we were:

Here's a shot from my beach chair of the water and floating raft; there are condos surrounding the beach, and a great little beach bar/resaurant called Blue Moon Cafe. It's a cool place to spend an afternoon:

We sucked down some frozen drinks and enjoyed the day, it was definitely relaxing and a good way to spend your last day on St. Thomas. Here's a shot of T and JB in their beach chairs (the bday boy is out cold):

We left the beach about 4 and headed to the grocery store, for her last night we decided to hang at the house, hit the hot tub, have some lobster and snacks and play some Guitar Hero. We loaded up on food, got home, cooked it up, and hung out until around midnight when we all crashed out. The next day T took her to the airport for her morning flight, and that was that. I hope you enjoyed your trip lady!! It was an awesome 10 days :)

The Family:

My family is here for a visit, my parents/aunt/uncle. They flew in separately and both arrivals were screwy. The original plan? My aunt/uncle were to arrive from England Wed night at 8pm, my parents were coming in Thursday at 3:30. Perfect. I worked Wednesday day, the Man picked me up and after a quick dinner we hit the aiport, arriving just at 8 to see people coming through the gate. There was only one flight due in at that time, and my aunt/uncle weren't on it. Weird. So I went to the car where I had left my phone (it was in the car during dinner as well) and sure enough there was a vmail from them, left about 20mins earlier. When they got to Miami there was an issue with immigration, my aunt's fingerprints weren't matching up and they took them both into a little room to the side to figure it out. Sure enough they realized she was not a terrorist and released them, but their flight had already departed, leaving them to get a room (on their dime!!!) for the night.

Their new arrival time was Thursday afternoon, 4:20. Okay, we can do this. I was working Thursday - the original plan called for the Man to pick up my parents, bring them to the restaurant so they could have a drink while I finished up, and all of us would leave the restaurant at 5 and go home. Now the Man would show up at the airport at 4 to meet my parents who would already be there, wait for my aunt/uncle's flight, and the five of them would straight to the house. T had agreed to pick me up at work and take me home. Cool. I talked to mom that morning, told her that my aunt/uncle's flight had been delayed and that the Man would meet them all at the airport. We were all set with the new plan, until mom left me a vmail about 11. They were in Boston, ready to go, and their direct flight plane had mechanical issues. The people in charge told them you can either A) wait for the issue to be resolved, although we don't know how long that will take or B) jump on this other flight, which is not direct and goes through Puerto Rico. My parents jumped on option B as they just wanted to get here, and my mom's message told me they weren't arriving until 6:30. Okay.

I called the Man, told him about my parents screwed up flight, and we figured he would grab aunt/uncle, then come back into town to meet me at the restaurant, and we would both go to the aiport. Okay. I texted T and told him I probably wouldn't need him to drive me home, but he said he was coming in for a drink anyways. When T showed up at 5 I clocked out and he and I banged down a couple of drinks. As we sat there I called the Man and told him it didn't make sense for T to take me all the way home, but instead T would take me to the airport where I would meet the Man and we would both meet my parents. Cool. Another drink later T mentioned he was driving his mom's SUV, not his Wrangler. 'Oh!', I said, 'Then you have room for a couple more adults and a suitcase right?' 'I guess I do', he said. I called the Man, told him to stay put, T and I were going to get my parents and bring them home. And one drink later that's what we did.

Thursday night we grilled out and had some drinks while aunt/uncle tried to figure out their jet lag. Yesterday a few of us went and did a big grocery shop at the price club, and then we grilled out again. Today we are hanging around at home, by the pool, with the sun. Tonight we have dinner reservations, tomorrow is our beach day and on we go for their two week visit. I'm psyched they're all here.

I'll spare you my Saturday thoughts as this entry is pretty long at the moment, instead I'll leave you with one last picture of JB and our cute little yellow, who was taste-testing her bikini strap:

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I snapped a picture of two people boating on by the other day:

Upon closer inspection I saw just how small their 'craft' really was.

It looks like a kayak/dingy that's been MacGyver'd with a motor.

So why are they tiring themselves out with the paddles?

All I know is this, there have been whales spotted out there, and (albeit harmless) sharks, and I think I would want a little more boat around me in the big blue sea.

But that's just me.

Kayak on adventurers!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Creepy crawly Wednesday

I was a few steps behind the Man last night when he spotted something on this blue tarp and yelled for me to grab the camera.

Can you see it? Do you even want to?

It's near the bottom, here is a close-up:

We thought it was a poisonous centipede GAG and judging by the size of the stinger on it's butt (on the right in the pic above) I worked myself up to full paranoia about seeing one of these anywhere in the house.

After poking a stick near it (which it aggressively bopped with it's head - um Hello? Attacking a stick? This thing is fierce!) we got it to crawl on the stick and moved it to a neighbor's yard, which made me feel much better. I'm pretty sure it's not going to bother sneaking into our house when the neighbor's is much closer.

After we got home from dinner we looked this creature up, and it's not a centipede at all, it's a caterpillar (aww...). A Frangipani Hawkmoth (Pseudosphinx tetrio) to be exact.

There's your lesson for the day!

For the record we YouTubed videos of actual poisonous centipedes, which are large and FAST and I DON'T WANT TO SEE ONE IN PERSON!